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jp_type_90.png This member considers Type 90 the best tank in game.
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This member plays War Thunder on Windows
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This member has a page on the game forum.
jp_type_90.png Type 90 ACE Commander
it_c1_ariete.png Ariete ACE Commander
cn_m4a4_sherman_1st_ptg.png 安東星國軍戰鬥英雄
germ_leopard_c2_mexas.png Bundeswehr ACE Commander
us_xm1_chrysler.png US Army Master Chief
ussr_kv_1e.png Defender of Mother Russia
fr_leclerc_s2.png Récipiendaire de la Légion d'honneur
sw_strv_122.png Northern Guardian

Welcome to Doki Doki War Thunder Club!

A wonderful world of vehicle history and infinite choices awaits! Now’s your chance to discover why War Thunder is one of the most beloved MMO vehicle-shooting games of the decade.

Who am I?

I'm a proud part of Wiki Share Program, one of the Forum Community Helper team, and a conscientious moderator of an unofficial War Thunder player forum. As the President of Doki Doki Literature Club (from which my nickname come from), it's my duty to make every club member feel comfortable and allocate fun assignments. Currently I'm working on history of Chinese, US and Great Britain vehicles. Whether it's naval, aerial or ground, every vehicle in the game have a story to tell.