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The 13.2 mm Type 3 Japanese heavy aircraft machine gun.[1]


The Type 3 machine gun was an aerial MG based on the M2 Browning but chambered in 13.2x96mm Hotchkiss, the same ammo as the Type 93 machine gun used on naval vessels. The machine gun was produced in 1943–45.

In War Thunder, this HMG excels at downing air targets from a distance, lighting fires and ripping off crucial components, something that other Japanese machine guns lack. This machine gun has a lot of incendiary potential, great ballistics, and good armour penetration. One small downside of this weapon is that it jams more quickly than other Browning variants, because the projectiles are filled with lots of incendiary material.

The A7M2 firing the Type 3 machine guns in the wings.

Vehicles equipped with this weapon

General info

The Type 3 is a heavy machine gun similar in performance to the M2 Browning and Swedish 13.2 mm Akan m/39. It has really high incendiary potential, great accuracy, and high damage output. It has a fairly good fire rate, and does more damage than the German and Russian HMGs. Unfortunately, its jam rate is higher, due to the weight of the bullets, but this shouldn't be a problem because these machine guns generally should not be used to "spray and pray".

Available ammunition

  • Default: T · AP · AP · IAI - Arguably the most useless belt, the Default belt has low incendiary potential, which is one of this guns strong points. Research new belts as soon as possible.
  • Universal: AP-I · API-T · IAI · IAI - This belt is a good pick when you need to engage lightly armoured fighters, such as Corsairs, Spitfires, and Seafires.
  • Ground targets: AP-I · AP-I · API-T · IAI - One of the best all-around belts. It has excellent armour penetration and is great for taking out heavy bombers, as well as lightly armoured fighters. It is the best belt for the Type 3, save Stealth.
  • Stealth: AP-I · AP-I · IAI - Just like the ground targets belt, this composition has excellent incendiary potential and armour penetration. However, it takes skill to aim on the A7M series, as the guns are mounted in the wings. Use of stealth is only recommended when you have enough practice leading with this specific type of gun.
Penetration statistics
Belt Penetration @ 0° Angle of Attack (mm)
10 m 100 m 500 m 1,000 m 1,500 m 2,000 m
Default 27 27 18 13 3 3
Universal 26 25 16 12 3 3
Ground targets 26 25 16 12 3 3
Stealth 26 25 16 12 3 3

Comparison with analogues

  • Akan m/39A: This gun has more explosive potential than the Type 3, and a lower chance of jamming, and usually come in the 4 x configuration. They are one of the only HMGs that will outperform the Type 3.
  • M2: The legendary .50 cals have more firepower than the Type 3s because they come in numbers. They have better range than the Type 3 as well.
  • MG 131: This gun has lower total damage than the Type 3, but it has a higher rate of fire.
  • Breda-SAFAT: This gun has lower damage than the Type 3, but won't jam as easily.
  • Berezin UB: This gun has about the same composition as the type 3, and is quite similar. They jam more quickly however, and won't start as many fires.

Usage in battles

The Type 3 machine gun will be a lifesaver when it comes to dogfights. Many Japanese pilots know that the Type 97 or Ho-103 simply don't do enough damage to their opponents. Fortunately, the Type 3 is the perfect gun to replace the smaller calibre MGs. The AP-I in this belt is really reliable when downing the B-17, as it can light fires in the engines. Use this gun to light fires, strafe ground targets, and as long range guns.

Pros and cons


  • Excellent ballistics
  • Rate of fire on par with contemporaries
  • Excellent belts
  • Great incendiary potential


  • Jams more quickly than Brownings
  • Bad stock belts
  • Only come in pairs at most (or singles on the A6M5 otsu)


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