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The 7.92 mm FN Browning is an aircraft-mounted machine gun. The weapon was a Belgium-made M1919 Browning machine gun chambered in 7.92 mm cartridges.

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A venerable design from one of the most successful gunsmiths of the late-19th and early-20th century, the Browning M1919 is a design that would see service for almost the entire 20th century due to its simple, but reliable design and due to being modified to accept a large number of different rounds. The original version of the design was patented by John Browning in 1900, but the first prototype of the water-cooled machine gun was built in 1910. The design would become the Browning M1917 when it was adopted by the United States for their entry in World War I. With the emergence of the tank, Browning would modified the design to become air-cooled in 1919 for use with these new war machines and the subsequent M1919 would enter US service. Colt would later recognize the potential of this design would make a lighter model with an increased rate of fire of 1,300 rounds per minute for aircraft use. This program was done in collaboration with Fabrique National de Herstal in Belgium which had a long history of selling Browning's design in Europe. While Colt would manufacture the design for the United States military and present to the British who licensed it, FN would offer it to multiple countries in Europe. Because 7.92x57mm Mauser was a common cartridge in Eastern European countries such as Poland, Yugoslavia, and Romania, FN naturally made a Browning variant firing this same cartridge. Romania in particular notably used this machine gun on their IAR-80 series of fighters though the supply was briefly threatened by Germany's invasion of Belgium in May 1940, before Romania formally joined the Axis that November.


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See also

  • Browning (7.62 mm) - The original aircraft M1919 machine gun that the weapon was based on.
  • Browning (7.7 mm) - A similar modification to the M1919 chambered for the British .303 (7.7 mm) cartridges.

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