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The Nanchang Q-5 (exported as the A-5) is a Chinese second-generation, single-seat, twinjet ground attack aircraft put into service in 1970. It is based off the Shenyang J-6. It served mostly in China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar.


Q-5 Nicknames
▃ NATO  Fantan


Rank VI

  • Q-5 early - LRIP series of Q-5 with pre-1980 air-to-ground ordnances
  • Q-5A - AKA Q-5I before new designation, Q-5 with upgraded gunsight and post-1980 air-to-ground ordnances
  • A-5C - Export variant of the Q-5 able to equip western ordnances

Rank VII

  • Q-5L - Upgraded Q-5C (Q-5III) in early 2000s with upgraded avionics and LGB

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