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This page is about the aircraft cannon M4 (37 mm). For the tank armament, see M4 (105 mm). For other uses, see M4 (Disambiguation).


The M4 (37 mm) (officially the 37 mm Automatic Gun, M4) is an American autocannon firing 37x145mmR cartridges. It is predominantly seen on the P-39 Airacobra series of fighters, and on the early P-63 Kingcobra fighters as well (namely the P-63A-5 and ▂P-63A-5 in-game).

Vehicles equipped with this weapon



General info

The 37 mm autocannon on the P-39 and P-63 has the ability to delete most fighters if a 37 mm HE shells hit. However, the 37 mm suffer from poor trajectory and a relatively low rate of fire compared to other large caliber autocannons.

A specific note for the 37 mm belts in-game is that the Soviet P-39 and P-63 fighters do not have any belt options available. This is due to the historical note that the US did not supply any armour-piercing 37 mm rounds to the Soviets, as they did not consider the P-39 and P-63 for tank-busting duties.

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Pros and cons


  • 30 rounds loaded, can last an entire round with good trigger discipline.
  • One hit will usually either directly destroy a single engine fighter or damage it enough to prompt the pilot to return to base


  • Very slow muzzle velocity, requiring a lot of lead to score a hit in a dogfight
  • Self destroying HE shells, which limits the range at which they can be used.
  • Absolutely useless AP shells, which struggles even with light tanks.
  • Very slow rate of fire
  • Inaccurate


The 37 mm autocannon had its root in 1921, designed by famed American firearms designer John M. Browning. Browning and Colt refined the design and was tested as the 37 mm T9 autocannon. It was accepted as the 37 mm Automatic Gun, M4, intended for a anti-aircraft weapon for intercepting and shooting down large aircraft.

The 37 mm cannon were mounted onto the P-39 and P-63 series of fighters, but proved unpopular with the pilots. The trajectory drooped harshly over distance and in night time operations, the muzzle flash could blind the pilot.


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