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The 20 mm M195 was created as a shortened version of the M61 Vulcan specifically to be used on the AH-1G to give it a longer ranged option for enemy suppression.

Vehicles equipped with this weapon

General info

The 20 mm M195 has a magazine of 950 rounds and fires at a rate of 750 to 800 rpm.

Available ammunition

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Comparison with analogues

Comparable to the 3-barreled 20 mm cannons on the AH-1F and AH-1Z, the M195 boasts better overheating qualities.

Usage in battles

The 20 mm cannon is mounted under the left pylon wing, and can't rotate like the nose-mounted miniguns. The cannon can be used up to 2 km, exceeding the effective range of the 7.62 mm M134 minigun (1.5 km).

Pros and cons


  • Having no tracers in the belt allows to keep your position hidden


  • Cannon mounted under the left pylon wing, can't rotate like nose-mounted miniguns


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