Fabrique Nationale Mle 38 (7.5 mm)

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The 7.5 mm Fabrique Nationale Mle 38 is a Belgian machine gun. In 1938, Fabrique Nationale (FN) modified the Browning M1919 machine gun to accept the 7.5 mm x 54 mm MAS ammunition.

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France was in a troubled position after World War I. Due to the causalities, and damage to the countryside in the north west of the country, the country had to make significant cut-backs to military spending in the 1920s that resulted in antiquated designs remaining in service and newer models being few and far between. The budget cutbacks was not the only problem in France at this time. The same time period saw a rise in strikes, impacting production of aircraft and other war machines, and the Armée de l'Air (Air Force) would shift their doctrines at a moment's notice leaving them with a demand for more new aircraft than ever before. These factors would result in the precarious position France found itself in in 1937. Facing the fact that war with Germany was coming and that their own industry could not produce their required number of aircraft, France began look across the Atlantic to the United States for help.

While tensions existed between both the United States, which held a sizeable number of strict isolationists, and France, who saw the American aircraft as inferior to their own designs despite being more expensive, the French government still ordered 100 H-75A-1s for their Air Force as they were facing delays with their domestic Marc-Bloch MB.150 fighters. However, the Browning M1919s used by the P-36 Hawk was chambered in .30-06 Springfield, a cartridge France did not use. As a result, the Belgian firearms designer Fabrique Nationale, who had made versions of the different chamberings, were ordered to rechamber the Browning machine guns for 7.5x54mm MAS, the standard French rifle cartridge of the time. FN would succeed and the Mle. 38 would enter service on the H-75 series of fighters which began their deliveries in December of the 1938.


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