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Italian Fleet
Geniere Pack
Tragflügel-Versuchs-Schnellboot VS-10
General characteristics
19 peopleCrew
46 tDisplacement
4Number of section
5 mm (steel)Hull armor
4 mm (steel)Superstructure armor
Primary armament
15 mm MG 151 cannon6 x Turret
1 800 roundsAmmunition
600 roundsBelt capacity
700 shots/minFire rate
-30° / 80°Vertical guidance
Additional armament
2 x 533 mm G7a torpedoSetup 1
61 000 Rp icon.pngResearch
230 000 Sl icon.pngPurchase
Sl icon.png/2 740 / 3 372/2 050 / 2 523Repair
65 000 Sl icon.pngCrew training
230 000 Sl icon.pngExperts
820 Ge icon.pngAces
160 % Rp icon.pngReward for battle
100 % Sl icon.png100 % Sl icon.png90 % Sl icon.png


GarageImage VS-10.jpg

The Tragflügel-Versuchs-Schnellboot VS-10 is a rank II German hydrofoil torpedo boat with a battle rating of 3.0 (AB/RB/SB). It was introduced in Update 1.79 "Project X" as part of the fleet closed beta test.

General info

Survivability and armour

The VS-10 has very little amour and nearly all ships at its battle rating can easily destroy the ship.


The VS-10 is a ship that has good mobility, mainly due to its hydrofoils. It is a relatively fast ship, however, the use of hydrofoils can make manoeuvring difficult, especially in shallow waters. The reverse speed of the VS-10 is average. In realistic battles, the ship begins to ride on the hydrofoils at ____ kph.


Primary armament

Main article: MG 151/15 (15 mm)

The VS-10 is outfitted with the following offensive ordnance:

6 x 15 mm MG 151 cannons (total 1,800 rounds)

Torpedo armament

Main article: G7a (533 mm)

The VS-10 is equipped with two 533 mm G7a torpedoes. These torpedoes are quick, reaching speeds of 81 kph without the torpedo modification, and with it, __ kph. Given the VS-10's role as a fast attack craft, it is not suggested to install the torpedo modification, as this craft should be used in the close combat role, as mentioned in the "Usage in Battles" section. Uninstalling the torpedo modification allows for faster target impact, reducing the chance of your prey dodging the torpedoes, and requiring lesser lead, which is useful given their location on the vessel. The two G7a torpedoes are fired from single tubes on either side of the craft. These tubes have a moderate outward spread, unlike the preceding boats in its tree, making firing both at the same target or within close proximity of each other difficult, which is exacerbated by the craft's poor high-speed manoeuvrability.

Usage in battles

The main advantage of the VS-10 is its speed. It can be played in many different ways, however, advancing to the middle of the map and holding down a position is advised. The armament can make short work of lesser-armoured vehicles, however, ships with many crews can pose a challenge. Many ships with guns over 70 mm can destroy the VS-10 in one shot. If faced with a difficult situation, it is advised that you retreat using the VS-10's superior speed. Important threats to this vehicle include the SF40 Leichte and other ships with large amounts of Anti-Air and secondary weapons.

When facing the VS-10, aim for the guns on the front deck and the torpedo launchers. Alternatively, aiming for centre mass is possible, however, the VS-10 will likely to be able to defend itself.

Pros and cons


  • Placement of the six gun turrets result in a very dense cone of fire against aircraft
  • Lots of ammo, with limited need to reload ensures a continuous stream of fire
  • Shreds the crews of unarmored targets
  • Stable firing platform at high-speed thanks to the hydrofoils


  • Hard to steer, and slower to decelerate when at high speed
  • Placement of gun turrets makes it hard to get all guns on target when engaging other ships
  • Low crew count
  • No armour
  • Lacks harder-hitting weaponry against larger, armoured vessels, outside of the available torpedoes
  • Hydrofoils make manoeuvring in shallow waters difficult


The VS-10 was an experimental hydrofoil torpedo boat that was constructed in Gebr. Sachsenberg, Hamburg. Ordered in 1942, this ship was constructed of a mixture of materials to include wood, steel, and other alloy metals. The VS-10 was able to achieve a maximum speed of 50 knots, due to its 6,000 hp engine. The VS-10 was later destroyed in 1944 during an allied bombing raid. A similar 'sister' ship to the VS-10 was ordered but due to the lateness of the war and lack of needed materials was never constructed.


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