FN Browning (7.5 mm)

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The FN Browning is a licensed version of the Browning (7.62 mm) in the French tech tree. It is overall very similar to the Fabrique Nationale Mle 38 (7.5 mm) with the primary difference being that the FN Browning has a slightly higher rate of fire at 1,350 rounds per minute when the FN Mle 38 only has a 1,000 rpm rate of fire.

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The FN Browning is a licensed copy of the Browning M1919. First created as a tank-mounted variant of a water-cooled machine gun, the M1919 Browning was adapted for aircraft by Colt in America and Fabrique Nationale in Belgium, two companies who had a long history of selling designs from American gunsmith John Moses Browning. The airborne variant of the M1919 was designed to be lighter than its ground-based counterpart and with a higher rate of fire due to the limited window to engage enemy aircraft while flying at high speed. FN would market this gun to multiple countries in Europe and manufacture it for their clients in different calibres. France was among their customers. Due to strikes and frequent doctrinal shifts in the inter-war years, the French Air Force was sorely lacking in modern aircraft and would order any aircraft from the United States they could get their hands on. This included the Martin 167-A3 Maryland, a failed competitor to the Douglas DB-7 for the A-20 Havoc bomber. However, before being delivered to France, they would need to modified to fit French requirements including getting their .30-06 Springfield chambered Brownings replaced with variants chambered in 7.5x54mm French. Fabrique Nationale was the company responsible for making this conversion and would equip the four groups of Martin Marylands that were delivered to the French Air Force before the Battle of France in May to June of 1940.


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