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F-86 may refer to:

Rank V - Aircraft

Rank VI - Aircraft

F-86 nomenclature confusion
  • F-86 variants A, B, C, D, E, F, H and J were a transonic aircraft fighter/day fighter jet referred to as Sabre or Sabrejet.
  • F-86 variants D, G, K and L were a transonic all-weather fighter/interceptor jet which was referred to as Sabre Dog. This version was originally specified as the YF-95, it was loosely based off the earlier F-86 variant but only had about 25% commonality, with major differences noted as a nose radome, larger engine (resulting in a larger fuselage) and a larger afterburner. Changing the YF-95 nomenclature to the F-86 series saved the government funding dollars due to loopholes in contracts regarding the procurement of new designation aircraft.
  • CL-13 Mk.4, Mk.5 and Mk.6 were variants of the F-86E/F fighter with two different Orenda engines.
  • FJ-4 Fury was the naval final variant of the Sabre/Fury family. It was developed from the earlier FJ-3 Fury, the naval variant of the F-86E, but featured an entirely new wing and a redesigned fuselage. Much like the Sabre Dog, the FJ-4 Fury had little commonality with the standard F-86 family.