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== See also ==
== See also ==
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[[Elco 80 ft PT-565]]
[[Elco 80 ft PT-565]]

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Rank 4 Japan
IJN Mikuma Pack
Elco 77 ft PT-59
3.0 3.0 3.0
Research:50 000 Specs-Card-Exp.png
Purchase:190 000 Specs-Card-Lion.png
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GarageImage Elco 77 ft PT-59.jpg

The Elco 77 ft PT-59 is a rank III American motor gunboat with a battle rating of 3.0 (AB/RB/SB). It was introduced in Update 1.79 "Project X" as part of the fleet closed beta test.

General info

Survivability and armour

The boat's hull and superstructure are made of wood (40 mm and 15 mm respectively), the Bofors L/60 Mk 3 cannons have a 9.52 mm shield and the hull-mounted AN-M2 machine guns have a 12.7 mm shield, the elevated AN-M2s don't have any gun shield.

Despite this lack of armor, the PT-59 has enough firepower to outmatch most boats at its Battle Rating(3.0), however engaging more than 2 boats at once without having friendly support isn't recommended, you should also be careful when going against armored gunboats and boats with much bigger crews.


The PT-59 is powered by 3 Packard V12 M2500 engines, It takes around 14 seconds to reach full speed (AB: 97 km/h, 60 mph)(RB: 72 km/h, 45 mph) and 18 seconds to stop, it takes 10 seconds to reach full speed in reverse (AB: -34 km/h, -21 mph)(RB -25 km/h, -16 mph), and a full 360 turn takes around 18 seconds in AB (around 24 seconds in RB).


Primary armament

The Bofors cannons takes around 10 seconds to do a full 360 degree turn, The bow cannon is limited to a 190 degree range and the cannon at the aft is limited to 280 degrees, the cannons overheat after firing for 15 to 17 second consecutively, the cannons become almost ineffective at ranges above 2Km(1.25Mi, 6560ft).

Available Ammunition
  • Universal: AP-T/HEFI-T/AP-T/HEFI-T (The Universal belt is the starting of ammunition , its pretty much good against anything but it may not be too good against armored gunboats.)
  • 40mm HE clips: HEFI-T/HEFI-T/HEFI-T/AP-T (The HE clips is good against boats with little armor and planes.)
  • 40mm AP clips: AP-T/HEFI-T/HEFI-T/HEFI-T (The AP clips is better suited to go against armored gunboats and harassing destroyers since the ammo may not be enough to take down a destroyer.)

Secondary armament

Main article: AN-M2 (12.7 mm)

The AN- M2 machine guns can fire until they run out of ammo, overall these are mostly used against smaller boats and planes, mostly ineffective at ranges above 1Km (0.62Mi, 3280ft).

Available Ammunition
  • Universal: API-T/AP/I/AP
  • .50 AP belt: API-T/AP/AP/AP
  • .50APIT belt: API-T/API-T/API-T/I

Usage in battles

There are multiple ways to play this vehicle 

Ambush tactics 

The strategy requires the player to use the mobility of the boat to get to a strategic position of the map before other enemies are able to reach that place. Typically this would be hiding behind a island or a static objects on the map. Position the boat perpendicular to the object in front of you. This allows you to have the full broadside of you 40 mm Bofors cannons and, if needed, your .50 caliber machine guns. This takes advantage of your excellent speed and negates the lack of amour and poor survivability. Lots of unsuspecting players will not be able to outgun you, allowing for easy pickings. 

Speedy attacks

This tactic is able to be employed by should only be used if needed, e.g. capturing a zone or harassing larger vessels. You will want to accelerate to full speed and zigzag you way through enemy fire, it is paramount that you do not slow down. When close to a enemy ship you can deploy your smoke, open your full broadside and fire into the enemy ship, then making a hasty retreat. When capturing a zone (this is not advisable) you want to deploy your smoke and try to conceal yourself, as soon as the zone is captured, like above making a hasty retreat.

Treats against this ship

SF 40 leichte

The SF 40 leichte is one of the most dangerous enemies against you. Armed with four 4x20mm turrets and having very good survivability with spaced turrets. One salvo from this vessel and you will be sent back to the hangar. Since it has a battle rating of 2.7, it will be quite common to see these and most of the times you will be engaging this vessel at long range due to its poor speed. To combat this. There are 2 options: run or push with friendlies. 

Due to its poor speed you can easily disengage or relocate to a better position to snipe at it with you 40 mm as your guns have better range and the SF 40 leichte is quite a late target.

The second option is to push with friendlies. This option is more risky, but is a quick and effective way do dealing with it. If you are able to surprise it and catch it between reloads and disable the turrets, or can be dispatched quickly. However, its superior firepower at close range will one-shot you with one salvo.

Kanonenboot K-2 (German)/ Syonan (Japanese)

These 2 vessels are quite similar, having two 120mm cannons and multiple smaller caliber guns, it can quickly dispatch you. Lacking torpedoes and your HE rounds having trouble penetrating the hull, this vessel can become quite a pain. Most of the time you friendlies will see this large vessel and may be able to damage it enough for you to get the final blow or for you to relocate to a new position. However is the case that you are faced in a 1v1. You best option is to try to outflank it. Running away will most likely result in your death as its two 120 mm guns will easily catch you, even at long distances. The first module to aim for when outflanking or the engine or the turrets, thus making it easier to outflank.

Pros and cons


  • The ships 12.7 mm machine guns can easily destroy lightly armoured ships
  • The 2 x 40 mm Bofors guns are great for taking out other ships and can act as decent anti-aircraft guns as well
  • Its speed allows it to quickly move from one area of the map to another, making it a great vehicle for ambushing larger, less nimble ships


  • No armour leads to frequent incapacitations of modules and crew
  • A smaller crew in combination with a small size leads to a lower survivability
  • Threatened by dive-bombing aircraft


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See also

Elco 80 ft PT-565

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