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Visual Editing - Some mistakes to avoid

Visual editing brings an alternative way to edit a wiki which does not require you to wade through wiki code. A few things to remember:

  • Do not remove instructions from the different sections of a page (typically identified by an exclamation mark in a circle), a simple mouseover will expand on the entire instruction set.
Instruction block as viewed through the Visual Editor, note the exclamation mark in the circle.

  • Do not remove parser and template functions, these will show up as a puzzle piece with a name afterwards (such as "Specs", "Break", "Battle-rating" or such).
For parsers and templates, not the existing puzzle piece and name following. These will now show the actual output during usage of the Visual Editor.

Editing Questions Here

Hello, AN_TRN_26. Thanks for reaching out to me. I wanted to know where I can find information on the "Details" ("Features", "Limits" "Optimal Velocities", and "Compressor") of planes. So far, I can't find the info for any of these via the in-game UI. Could you point me to where they are? Sincerely, ~KN_940 23:09, 25 February 2019