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Wire-guided anti-ship torpedo. Has passive homing capability. When launched by surface ships, these torpedoes are fired back over the stern with the tail facing forward.[1]

Vehicles equipped with this weapon

General info

General charactistics of Seal DM2A1[1]
Date of Design 1967
Date in Service 1969
Weight 1,370 kg (3,020 lbs)
Overall Length 6.550 m (257.9 in)
Explosive Charge 250 kg (551 lbs)
Range / Speed 20,000 m (22,000 yards) / 33 knots

Also has a lower speed setting for increased range

Power Supply Silver-zinc battery

Effective damage

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Usage in battles

Primarily used to combat enemy craft. Due to its unique launch style, it is possible to hit an enemy extremely close off the starboard-aft of the Type 143 "Albatros". This is extremely risky, however, due to how close in proximity both ships must be.

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  • Seal DM2A1 torpedoes launched from the rear-facing torpedo launchers on a Type 143 Albatrol.

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46 cm  Mk.7
53 cm  Mk.8 · Mk.8-3 C/D · Mk.15 · Mk.16
57 cm  Mk.13 * · Mk.13/44 *
45 cm  F5W * · LT 1A/1
53 cm  G7a · G7E (mod.T5a) · Seal DM2A1
40 cm  SET-40
45 cm  45-36AN * · 45-36MAN * · 45-36NU
53 mm  53-38 · 53-39 · 53-56 · SET-65
45 cm  Mark XII * · Mark XV
53 cm  Mk.V · Mk.VIII · Mk.IX
32 cm  Mark 46
45 cm  Type 2 · Type 44 No.2 · Type 91 Mod.2 * · Type 91 Mod.3 *
53 cm  Type 6
61 cm  Type 8 No.2 · Type 90 · Type 93 Model 1, Mod 2 · Type 93 Model 3
45 cm  F200/450 *
  * = Aircraft launched