Gnevny-class (Pr.7) / Storozhevoy-class (Pr.7U) destroyer

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The Project 7 otherwise known as Gnevny-class and the Project 7U otherwise known as Storozhevoy-class were a group of destroyers built for the Soviet Navy in the late 1930s.

The Pr.7U mainly improved the disappointing performance of its predecessor by strengthening the hull, adding an additional boiler, and reducing fuel capacity. A total of 29 Pr.7 and 18 Pr.7U destroyers were built.


Rank I

  • Pr.7 "Besposhchadny" (1945) - Беспощадный, Merciless
  • Pr.7 "Ryany" (1945) - Рьяный, Spirited

Rank II

  • Pr.7U "Soobrazitelny" (1943) - Сообразительный, Astute

Rank III

  • Pr.7U "Stroyny" (1945) - Стройный, Slim

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