M48 Patton (Family)

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Rank V

  • M48A1 - M48 with petrol engine and flat engine deck.
  • M48A2 C - M48 with elevated engine deck, blast deflector in front of loader's hatch and petrol engine in West German service.
  • ␗M48A1- as in ROCA service; later upgraded to M48A3 standards in terms of powerplant without redesigning the engine deck as ROCA's "M48A3".

Rank VI

  • M48A2 G A2 - M48A2 with a new 105 mm cannon, mantlet and domestic diesel engine.
  • M48 Super - Proposed German overhaul upgrades on M48 in firepower, protection and mobility.
  • CM11 - AKA M48H; ROCA's hybrid version with the M60A1's hull and M48A3's turret upgraded to the M1 Abrams' FCS.

Derived Vehicles

Main article: Magach (Family)

Rank IV

Rank V


Rank V

  • T54E1 - Experimental tank with a 120 mm autoloaded gun and a new turret.

Rank VI

  • M247 - Known as "Sergeant York"; proposed SPAAG with twin 40 mm guns and radar system, ditched due to budget issues.


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