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The Condottieri class was a group of 12 light cruisers built for the Regia Marina during World War II. These 12 light cruisers were divided into subvariants:

  • Alberto di Giussano class
  • Luigi Cadorna class
  • Raimondo Montecuccoli class
  • Duca d'Aosta class
  • Duca degli Abruzzi class


Rank III

Alberto da Giussano class

Rank IV

Raimondo Montecuccoli class
Duca d'Aosta class

Rank V

Duca degli Abruzzi class

Vehicles are listed in order of refit year, not build year


The Condottieri class was a grouping of 5 classes of Italian light cruisers, each class being different from the other in which technological development could be seen from the oldest Alberto di Giussano class to the new Duca degli Abbruzzi class.

Each class is named after the first ship in the group, and the classes are divided into:

  1. Alberto di Giussano-class
  2. Luigi Cadorna-class
  3. Raimondo Montecuccoli-class
  4. Duca D'Aosta-class
  5. Duca degli Abruzzi-class

Alberto di Giussano-class

The Condottieri class cruisers of the Alberto di Giussano type, designed and built for exploration missions and hunting enemy destroyers, were initially classified as 'Large Explorers', then as Light Cruisers.

Since this type of cruiser was designed to explore vast areas of sea and hunt down french destroyers, they were modified to have good speed at sea, but this made them less armoured, in fact, during test sailings and battles the hull suffered much damage; during World War II the hull was reinforced, but in the same war all cruisers of this type were lost.

Instead of building more cruisers of this type, the design was revised with new and better ones, which led to the creation of the Luigi Cadorna type.

Ship name Builder Setting Launch Entry in service Final Destiny
RN Alberto di Giussano Ansaldo -Genova 29 March 1928 27 March 1930 5 February 1931 13 December 1941 Sunk by 2 torpedoes of HMS Maori
RN Alberico da Barbiano Ansaldo -Genova 16 April 1928 23 August


9 June 1931 13 December 1941 Sunk by HMS Sikh, HMS Legion and HMS Maori
RN Bartolomeo Colleoni Ansaldo -Genova 21 June 1928 21 December


10 February 1932 19 July 1940 Sunk by various British Destroyers and HMAS Sydney
RN Giovanni delle Bande Nere Castellammare di Stabia 31 October 1928 27 April 1930 1 January 1931 1 April 1942 Sunk by HMS Urge (N17)

Luigi Cadorna-class

During construction, it became evident that the first four light cruisers (Alberto di Giussano-class) were too fragile, so the Regia Marina began to design an improved version that was named Luigi Cadorna, whose improvements were hull stability and strength, and a new catapult for aircraft.

The main armament still consisted of eight 152/53 cannons but these belonged to the new 1929 model and were installed on larger towers than the previous ones.

The secondary armament consisted of 6 pieces of 100/47 positioned between the 2 funnels in 3 twin installations, while the anti-aircraft armament at the outbreak of war had 8 single 20mm and 4 twin 13.2mm emplacements and at the end still retained 2 twin torpedo launchers and could carry between 84 and 138 naval mines, depending on the model.

In particular, the Cadorna was modified in 1943, with an aircraft catapult with 2 twin 20mm emplacements; the following year the torpedoes were removed

Ship name Builder Setting Launch Entry in service Final Destiny
RN Luigi Cadorna/

Luigi Cardorna

C.R.D.A. - Trieste 19 September 1930 30 September 1931 11 August 1933 1951 Disbarred and after

Demolished in 1953

RN Armando Diaz O.T.O. - La Spezia 28 July 1930 10 July 1932 29 April 1933 25 February 1941 Sunk by HMS Upright (N89)

Raimondo Montecuccoli-class

Ship name Builder Setting Launch Entry in service Final Destiny
RN Raimondo Montecuccoli/

Raimondo Montecuccoli

Ansaldo - Genova 1 October 1931 2 August 1934 30 June 1935 31 May 1964 Disbarred and after

Demolished in 1972

RN Muzio Attendolo C.R.D.A. - Trieste 10 April 1933 9 September 1934 7 August 1935 18 October 1946 Disbarred

Duca D'Aosta-class

Ship name Builder Setting Launch Entry in service Final Destiny
RN Emanuele Filiberto Duca d'Aosta/

Z-15 Kerch

O.T.O. - Livorno 29 October 1932 22 April 1934 13 July 1935 2 March 1949 Disbarred by Italian Navy and given to Russian Navy on 4 March. Disbarred in 20 February 1959 and demolished in 1961 with the Russian Navy
RN Eugenio di Savoia/


Ansaldo - Genova 6 July 1933 16 March 1935 16 January 1936 26 June 1951 Given to Hellenic Navy (Greece). Disbarred and demolished in 1973

Duca degli Abruzzi-class

Ship name Builder Setting Launch Entry in service Final Destiny
RN Luigi di Savoia Duca degli Abbruzzi/

Duca degli Abbruzzi

O.T.O. - La Spezia 28 December 1933 21 April 1936 1 December 1937 1961 Disbarred and demolished in 1965
RN Giuseppe Garibaldi/

Giuseppe Garibaldi (C551)

C.R.D.A. - Trieste 28 December 1933 21 April 1936 20 December 1937 16 November 1976 Disbarred and demolished in September 1978


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