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The Chapayev-class (Pr.68K) and its derivative, the Sverdlov-class (Pr.68bis) were a series of cruisers built for the Soviet Navy and would be the last conventional cruisers of the USSR ever built. Originally laid down before WW2 as the Project 68 cruisers, the German invasion halted production, with only five of seven completed post-war to the modified Project 68K design. In the late 1940s, an improved version of the class, Project 68bis, was ordered with 14 ships built, which served in various roles until the fall of the Soviet Union.


Rank IV

  • Pr.68-K "Chapayev" (1950) - (Чапаев, Named after Vasily Chapayev)
  • Pr.68-K "Zheleznyakov" (1951) - (Железняков, Named after Anatoly Zheleznyakov)

Rank V

  • Pr.68-bis "Sverdlov" (1952) - (Свердлов, Named after Yakov Sverdlov)


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