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uk_challenger_2_dorchester.png Challenger 2 Ace
f-4e.png F-4E Ace

"You don't need to be part of the WSP when you're an utterly raving mad Mantis who writes too much."

- Aussie_Mantis, probably at some point in time, somewhere in Australia.

Haha! I found out how to make my own user page! I feel like a god!

I'm Aussie_Mantis. My main trees are Britain (my first ever tree), Italy (my third tree), and Germany (my fifth tree). I also play France and USA on occasion.

I made an ordnance table! Click here to read it! I still need editors and helpers, so any help would be nice!

Articles I've Edited:

Facts and stuff

  • I build lego models and stuff in my free time. Yay, Star Wars! Woohoo!
  • In an ironic twist, I started out my War Thunder journey in Ground Battles. My Rank I Gift Vehicle is the A13 Mk.I (3 RTR). However, I don't really play ground anymore.
  • My favorite plane in real life has probably got to be the A-4 Skyhawk. I used to have 40 different variants of the aircraft installed in my Strike Fighters 2 mod directory, with their skins!
  • The Best K/D I have is with the SM.91.
  • The one plane I wish did a lot better than it actually does in-game is the B-25J-1, but n-not because it has an Australian camo or anything!
  • I have, as of the 11th of February, 2020, attained Top Tier in USA, UK and France, Rank V in Italy and Germany, and Rank IV in Japan, Russia and Sweden.
  • I absolutely hate flying japanese planes becaues of their silly non-self-sealing fuel tanks and their blatant lack of armour!
  • I have aced the Halifax B Mk IIIa and the F.222.2.
  • I'm stingy! I don't like buying planes outside of the sales.