BGL-1000 (970 kg)

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The BGL-1000 laser guided bomb (scale is approximate)

The 970 kg BGL-1000 is a French laser-guided gliding bomb. It was introduced in Update "Ground Breaking".

Vehicles equipped with this weapon

General info

Bomb characteristics
Guidance Laser
Missile guidance time 60 secs
Mass 970 kg
Explosive type TNT
TNT equivalent 500 kg

Effective damage

Describe the type of damage produced by this type of bomb (high explosive, splash damage, etc)

Comparison with analogues

Give a comparative description of bombs that have firepower equal to this weapon.

Usage in battles

BGL can be used in GRB with great accuracy to hit armored vehicles and AAs. they can also be used very effectively in air simulator battles to attack bases, bot armored vehicles and in wild weasel function, destroying any anti-aircraft defending bases, the battlefield or the airports.

Pros and cons

Summarise and briefly evaluate the weaponry in terms of its characteristics and combat effectiveness. Mark pros and cons as a list.


  • Laser guidance grants high bombing precision
  • Laser guidance bomb allows for flexibility on where to release weapon
  • Laser guidance allows for long range/ high alt bomb drop, avioding air defence max range


  • Laser guidance requires you to keep a laser pointed at the target, limiting what manoeuvres the aircraft can pull after dropping the bomb
  • The laser from your aircraft can be blocked by buildings or terrain


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