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The GB-1000J, aka TG1000 (天戈 TianGe 1000; lit. Heavenly dagger-axe; where dagger-axe 戈 was a traditional Chinese melee weapon) in NORINCO's catalogue, is currently the second largest aerial bomb in PLAAF/PLANAF service with inspirations from USAF's GBU-24 Paveway III. Although mostly used for destroying stationary targets or infrastructures, the GB-1000J can also deliver fatal blow to groups of vehicles on the move if needed.

Vehicles equipped with this weapon

General info

Bomb characteristics
Mass 1,090 kg
Guidance Laser+IOG
Explosive mass 420 kg
Explosive type Composition B
TNT equivalent 537.6 kg

Effective damage

With the 537.6 kg TNTe explosive filler inside the bomb, GB-1000J can possibly destroy multiple targets within certain radius with provisions for overpressure, explosive and shrapnel damages against targets.

Comparison with analogues

  • GBU-24 Paveway III - The inspiration for GB-1000J with lesser explosive content (around 505 kg TNTe) and weight
  • BGL-1000 - French equivalent with lesser explosive content (exactly 500 kg TNT) and weight

Usage in battles

As one of the largest LGB in PLA arsenal and currently the heaviest LGB in game, the GB-1000J has the capability to destroy even the heaviest possible target in game with high precision. In some cases, if groups of SPAAs or MBTs are within a certain radius, chances are the GB-1000J can also send them to their kingdom come. In case players need to evade enemy SAMs or aerial targets, thanks to the IOG guidance, if the target is stationary or barely moved from its last known location, the bomb will eventually fly upon them.

Due to its heavy weight and sheer size, only the JH-7A can carry such a huge bomb; thus, players will need to fly high enough for the bomb to travel along its computed trajectory with CCRP.

Pros and cons


  • Devastating damage with its sheer size and explosive content
  • Possible for multi-kills against grouped targets within certain radius
  • IOG guidance can guides the bomb to last locked coordinate even losing target sight


  • The heaviest LGB in-game, requires high altitude or well-planned drop with CCRP


During the 2012 Zhuhai Airshow, NORINCO Harbin Jiancheng Machinery Group Co. Ltd (中国兵器工业集团 哈尔滨建成集团有限公司) introduced the TianGe (天戈 lit. Heavenly dagger-axe) family of domestic LGBs ranging from 100 kg for UCAV or trainer jets up to 1000 kg bomb for the largest attackers; according to the leaflet of TG series[1], the warhead can be changed with explosive, penetrator and subterrain penetrator with a range more than 20 km, as well as a CEP within 3 m.

Although the bomb didn't receive oversea orders, PLAAF and PLANAF acquire numbers of these bombs as the first generation LGB for the aviation forces; but these bomb would likely be replaced by the new GB series multi-guidance bombs.


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See also

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Overseas equivalents

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