Bofors L/70 Mk.1 (57 mm)

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The Bofors L/70 Mk.1 (57 mm) on the Begleitpanzer 57 gun mantlet.


The 57 mm Bofors L/70 Mk.1 is a naval autocannon designed to engage both air and surface targets. It was developed form the earlier Bofors 57 mm L/60, a twin-barrel naval autocannon, basically a scaled-up version of the 40 mm Bofors L/60 Mark 1.

Vehicles equipped with this weapon

General info

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Available ammunition

Penetration statistics
Ammunition Type of
Penetration @ 0° Angle of Attack (mm)
10 m 100 m 500 m 1,000 m 1,500 m 2,000 m
57x438 AP-T APCBC 137 133 119 102 89 77
57x438 SAP-T SAPHEI 47 46 41 35 31 26
57x438 HE-T HE* 16 15 13 11 11 11
57x438 HE-VT HE-VT* 16 15 13 11 11 11
Shell details
Ammunition Type of
mass (kg)
Fuse delay
Fuse sensitivity
Explosive mass
(TNT equivalent) (g)
0% 50% 100%
57x438 AP-T APCBC 950 2.7 - - - 48° 63° 71°
57x438 SAP-T SAPHEI 950 2.7 1.2 9 510 79° 80° 81°
57x438 HE-T HE* 1,020 2.4 0.4 0.1 765 79° 80° 81°
Proximity-fused shell details
Ammunition Type of
mass (kg)
Fuse delay
Fuse sensitivity
distance (m)
radius (m)
Explosive mass
(TNT equivalent) (g)
0% 50% 100%
57x438 HE-VT HE-VT* 1,020 2.4 0.2 0.1 500 6 765 79° 80° 81°

Comparison with analogues

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Usage in battles

The 57 mm Bofors L/70 cannon will face MBTs and heavy tanks, but it can still make work of its capabilities. When dealing with other ground units, the key here is to be on the flank of the enemy as most side armour of MBTs, NATO and Soviet can be pierced with the 57 mm AP rounds. As the 57 mm does not have an explosive filler with its AP shell, and SAPHEI being near useless, the cannon requires to aim at key components such as ammo rack or general area where the crew sits. With your high rate of fire rate, you can disable most targets and not worry where to aim for the most part with the APCBC shell. Although the 57 mm has access to SAPHEI and can overpressure enemies, it's mainly only effective against lightly-armoured vehicles.

Against aircraft, HE-VT is very effective, having a good velocity and damage to disable targets. Helicopters will stand no chance against the 57 mm once they are spotted, and a few volleys of HE-VT will heavily damage them at least to hinder their combat capabilities. Against jets and other aircraft, the 57 mm has just enough rate of fire to disable jet aircraft, though you will have to lead more the faster they are.

Pros and cons


  • Good rate of fire for its calibre
  • Good anti-tank capabilities with the APCBC
  • Access to HE-VT shells


  • SAPHEI is near useless except on light vehicles
  • No APFSDS unlike its 40 mm variant


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