The Battle of Vitebsk

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A tank battle between the German 2nd and 3rd tank groups of the 4th tank army in the Army Group "Centre" and two Soviet mechanized corps of the 20th Army of the Western Front, between the 6th and 10th of July in 1941.[1]

Participating vehicles

USSR Germany

Scenario tasks

Victory will be awarded to the team that first fulfills at least one of the tasks in the scenario within the allotted time.

Victory will not be awarded for additional tasks.

  • Hold the K2 sector (approach to Vitebsk) within 2 hours
  • Gain superiority in the number of vehicles 3 times
  • (additional) Capture G7 sector (rear Soviet sector)
  • Capture the approaches to Vitebsk (sector K2) within 2 hours
  • Prevent an enemy superiority in the number of vehicles 3 times
  • (additional) Hold the G7 sector (rear Soviet sector)

Initial balance of power

Wwmap vitebsk.png


  1. This scenario first appeared on the 29th of September 2017 within the “World War” CBT game mode.