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The Type 23-1 is a Chinese copy of the Soviet NR-23. The Chinese got their first taste of the NR-23 in the late 1950s when Soviet pilots in MiG-15s arrived to assist the People's Liberation Army Air Force in defending Shanghai and the mainland from attacks from the Republic of China Air Force operating in Taiwan. While the majority of combat missions were flown by the 50th Fighter Aviation Division of the Soviet Air Defense Force, they began training Chinese pilots to fly the MiG-15bis which was adopted in time to see action in the Korean War as the J-2.

In 1956, a MiG-17 was built in China and the following year, Shenyang began to produce the new Soviet fighter jet under license as the J-5 which was later produced for export as the Shenyang F-5 and the NR-23 cannon was licensed as the Type-23-1. The Type-23-1 was subsequently used on Chinese licensed variants of Soviet designs such as the H-5, early models of the Ye-8 (a copy of Antonov An-12 cargo plane) and the Xian H-6 (a copy of the Soviet Tu-95 nuclear bomber). The Type 23-1 was also used local designs notably as a modular gun pod on their interim attack helicopter the Z-9W. However, just as the Soviets then phased out the NR-23 for the AM-23, the Type 23-1 was phased out in Chinese service for their copy of the new Soviet cannon, the Type 23-2.


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