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Aircrafts capable of detecting Radar SPAA

It would be neat to add this section to "dangers" section, but I have no helicopters or high-level planes, so I cannot tell of RB gameplay much. Requesting help with this passage:

In arcade mode, any aircraft of BR 8 and onward has radar detection system on top of their ability to clearly see most of ground vehicles.
In realistic mode, aircraft must have the detection system installed to receive alerts.
According to patch notes, these helicopters are equipped with radar detectors:
Mi-24P (Germany)
BO 105 PAH-1A1
Whether French helicopters received those systems is yet to be known, as well as amount of planes capable of detecting enemy SPAA.

Does this sound true to aircraft owners here? And are there any ways to learn if plane has radar scanner/detector/whatever, besides finding it out the hard way? Any info, or at least confirmation, would be appreciated.

Page overhaul

Soo, there are two issues right now (aside from abovementioned topic): 1)Text and page name might need to shift a bit away from "radar" to more neutral "tracking devices". 2)We do need some actual data on ADATS and SIDAM, to make proper section description and cut - i have no clue how SPAA with guns react to passive system.

For first problem i guess it's possible to rearrange page a bit, but we need to somehow curve the flavour text that was made before. Specifically the part about "radar busting missiles" seems to be more appropriate in new section with giving nightmare fuel for players (lol). As for the second, i can try to go research italians, which will take me a month or two until i get there (maybe longer). I'm not going for ADATS, though, as it will literally take me forever to get there.

What do you think? --bangerland (talk) 22:17, 3 June 2019 (UTC)

Page Rework

I tried to rearrange the page a bit and get it up to date with the current state of the game. Also changed the wording away from being purely about radars as there are now other sensors.

I tried to keep as much of the original wording as possible, but ended up tweaking and moving quite a lot of it to the page flow better. Also made the list of vehicles with radars look better and added a controls section. Wrote a new section covering the general interface and operation, information which was preciously spread between the various sub sections.

Feel free to change bits as you see fit.

Thanks for your help! There are a lot of things i cannot confirm myself anyway, which is why i asked for it in first place. Besides, it's wiki, so it's whatever as long as it's true.
I also noticed that your IRST radar screenshot is different from mine, but it seems that the tracking optical device and 2D display overall do display the distance from SPAA to plane. Not sure if bug or feature. --bangerland (talk) 14:12, 30 June 2019 (UTC)
I think it is a bug. In the Dev blog (or maybe changelog) they talk about how IR search systems can't tell range, only direction. But when you lock on it shows range for all target. I suspect when you lock on it is probably only meant to show range for the one target you are locked on to, and showing range for all other targets is a bug.
It may as well be related to this whole "change radar type" button and ADATS, because as far as i saw on videos, if you just go ahead and track with ADATS, it still uses the radar to track enemy (as helicopters being assaulted by it had non-blinking radar alert), and it doesn't switch to IR by itself. Perhaps they added it as an afterthought, so when you only have IRST it bugs out? This would also explain the completely broken -123 AV designation that i have on Stormer as soon as enemy plane goes to the west, which completely throws off my aim. (i suppose it's supposed to just say 0-80 depending on their AV to me, not that jibberish) But since i don't have Adats (not even in test drive) i cannot tell for sure, if it's just Stormer's issue or every tank with IR has this problem. --bangerland (talk) 17:49, 30 June 2019 (UTC)

Khrizantema-S radar?

So, while not technically SPAA, Khrizantema-S has targeting radar (at least in X-ray) and HE ATGM, which can be roughly used as "SAM" equivalent. Should we include it in the list on same rights as ADATS, or it's way too obscure? I'm not even sure, if it can lock on, since I don't own it, but it seems like it should be able to. --bangerland (talk) 08:31, 14 September 2020 (UTC)