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Squadron vehicles are special vehicles obtainable by squadron research points or by golden eagles. Squadron research points are gained from being active while being in a squadron. For every 200 research points earned, an "activity point" will be added to the squadron's collective pool. Every 3 days, these activity points will be converted into an amount of research points towards the selected squadron vehicle, depending on the player's relative activity and the total number of points in the pool. Each player can contribute up to 360 points per 3-day period, and the activity pool is limited to 20,000 points. Squadron vehicles can also be bought for golden eagles. These vehicles often have something special about them, such as the M901's missile launcher or the Firecrest's torpedo.

List of squadron vehicles


Squadron aircraft
USA  A-4E Early
Germany  Me 262 A-1a/U1
Britain  Firecrest

Ground vehicles

Squadron ground vehicles
USA  M901
Germany  Leopard 2 PL


Squadron ships
Britain  HMS Liverpool
Japan  IJN Shimakaze



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