Aigle-class (Family)

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The Aigle-class was a class of 6 destroyers built in the 1920s for the French Navy. Aigle translates to Eagle and all other ships were named after birds.


Rank II

Vehicles are listed in order of refit year, not build year

France destroyers
Bourrasque-class  Bourrasque · Tornade
Chacal-class  Chacal · Leopard · Panthere
Aigle-class  Aigle · Vautour · Milan
Vauquelin-class  Vauquelin
Le Fantasque-class  Le Malin · Le Triomphant
Hunt-class  La Combattante
Trophies  Germany
Desaix-class*  Kleber
Type 1936  Marceau
Chateaurenault-class**  Guichen
  * Modified Type 1934A-class destroyers
  ** Modified Capitani Romani-class cruisers