Bourrasque-class destroyer

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The Bourrasque-class was a class of 12 destroyers built in the 1920s for the French Navy.


Rank I

Vehicles are listed in order of refit year, not build year

France destroyers
Bourrasque-class  Bourrasque · Tornade
Chacal-class  Chacal · Leopard · Panthere
Aigle-class  Aigle · Vautour · Milan
Vauquelin-class  Vauquelin
Le Fantasque-class  Le Malin · Le Triomphant
Hunt-class  La Combattante
Trophies  Germany
Desaix-class*  Kleber
Type 1936  Marceau
Chateaurenault-class**  Guichen
  * Modified Type 1934A-class destroyers
  ** Modified Capitani Romani-class cruisers