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Shipboard reconnaissance aircraft were introduced into War Thunder in Update "Winged Lions" as an additional vehicle available for naval units.


While hydroplanes were present in War Thunder prior to Update "Winged Lions", all were standalone aircraft present in the tech tree that could be piloted in air battles by the player. Shipboard reconnaissance aircraft allows large bluewater ships to utilize their plane catapults to send scout planes to perform recon of an area, land on capture zones, and pester enemy ships with their onboard weaponry.

A list of available ship-launched reconnaissance aircraft can be found in the below table:

Ship-launched reconnaissance aircraft
USA  OS2U-1* · SOC-1
Germany  Ar 196 A-3*
Britain  Osprey Mk IV · Walrus Mk.I
Japan  E7K2 · E8N2 · E13A1
Italy  Ro.43
  *Available standalone in tech tree


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  • Drones - Another class of aircraft launched from a different vehicle.

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