Lvakan m/48 (40 mm)

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The 40 mm Lvakan m/48 is a Swedish anti-aircraft cannon.

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The Lvakan m/48 is the successor to the Swedish Lvakan m/36 better known internationally by the name the Bofors L/60. While a successful autocannon during World War II, the dawning jet age after the war led to the realization that the L/60 was no longer a capable gun for the anti-aircraft role. As a result, Bofors went back to the drawing board and a made a new gun based on the Bofors L/60. Alongside a longer barrel which led to the designation Bofors L/70, the new gun had a separate ejector port instead of directly injecting spent casings from the feeding port, double cooling vents on the barrel jacket, fired a larger 40x365 mmR round and has double the rate of fire of the L/60. It was accepted for service in 1947 and adopted as the Lvakan m/48. While not as successful as the original Bofors gun, the gun remains in production and was the standard 40 mm anti-aircraft armament for NATO after it was standardized in 1953. While improvements over the years led to the development of the newer Akan m/70B used on the Swedish CV90 series of Infantry Fighting Vehicles, and the South Korean K21 IFVs, the original gun was mounted on vehicles as well. The Lvakan m/48 was mounted on at least two Swedish SPAA prototypes namely the Lvkv 42 and the VEAK 40 which is based on the S-Tank.


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