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The 20 mm Lvakan m/40B is a Swedish autocanon.

Vehicles equipped with this weapon

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The automatkanon m/40B is an autocannon with a calibre of 20 mm intended for both anti-aircraft and anti-tank use.

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The Lvakan m/40B is the Swedish designation for a variant of the 20 mm Bofors L/70. Using the same long recoil action as their 25 mm and more famous 40 mm cousins, the gun was designed for anti-tank and anti-aircraft roles. Designated as the 20 mm automatkanon m/40 S for infantry use, the Bofors gun was alternatively designated the pansarvärnsluftvärnskanon (Anti-tank-anti-aircraft cannon) m/40 cannon and is fed with 25 round drum magazines. In War Thunder there are two variants of this cannon.

The first is the Pvlvkan m/40 anti-tank variant used on the Pbil m/40 armoured car. The second is the Lvakan m/40B featured on the Pvlvv fm/42. The "B" in the designation stems from modifications to mount existing short-range anti-aircraft gun onto the chassis of the L-120 tankette prototype. The gun was cut down to fit on the turret ring and allow for it elevate to engage air targets. It was also fitted with an armoured shield to protect the gunner from small arms and shrapnel. However, the trials found the Bofors 40 mm was superior in performance and so they halted testing of the Lvakan m/40B.


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