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The Akan m/45B is a variant of the Akan m/45, an aircraft cannon developed for the J21 aircraft.

Having only finished development by the end of World War II, it was found by the Swedish government to be cheaper to purchase and use British jets such as the de Havillard Vampire and enter them and their Hispano Mk.V cannons into service as the J28B and Akan m/47B respectively. As the J21 was retired in 1954, the Swedish found themselves with Akan m/45 guns and no place and use for them. Their solution came from Swedish Army which required a new infantry fighting vehicle for the immediate term and thus the Pbv 301 was developed as a stopgap design. To speed up production, the IFV was developed with proven, but obsolete components such as the chassis of the Strv m/41 light tank and the Akan m/45 guns, re-designated the Akan m/45B to serve as their primary weapon. The Akan m/45 would be retired as the with Pbv 301 itself a decade later when their superior Pbv 302 entered Swedish Army Service.


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