Incendiary weapons

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Incendiary bombs

Incendiary bombs are best used to destroy open-topped vehicles (literally to burn them down) where the incendiary mixture will make sure exposed crews will be knocked out and possibly light up the engine of vehicles due to its extreme temperature. While some players consider it has more aesthetic use than in practical use, it can also block Night Vision Devices and serve as a makeshift "smoke grenade" for tanks and help them hide from enemy eyesight for a while. Alternatively, this could be used like general purpose bombs and burn down enemy bases/airfield if needed, though with a lower effectiveness per payload mass then the genera-purpose bombs.

Incendiary bombs
USA  BLU-1 · BLU-27/B · Mk 77 mod 2 · Mk 77 mod 4 · Mk 78 · Mk 79 Mod 1
Germany  FeBb Napalmbombe · Flam C 250 · Flam C 500
USSR  ZAB-50FP · ZB-360 · ZB-500
Britain  Mk 77 Mod 0
China  M116A2
Italy  Aerea 559G1
France  M116A2 · Mk 78 · SECAN 63
Sweden  Brandbomb m/58
Israel  Mk.2


The Flamethrower is a fire-based weapon added in Update "Fire and Ice" with rewards in the Battle Pass: Season IX, "Smell of Victory". These usually have a relatively short range with the ability to damage open-topped vehicles.

 Vehicles equipped with this weapon 

Ground Vehicles

The flamethrower on the Churchill Crocodile consists of a fuel trailer towed behind the tank and a flame projector in the bow gun position.

Naval Vehicles

The LCM(6)(F) Zippo has two flamethrowers on the port and starboard sides behind the 40mm gun turret. This weapon system has fuel tanks located in the hull and projectors in small combined turrets paired with 7.62 mm M73 machine guns.


Flamethrowers use ignited liquid fuel as ammunition, usually consisting of a mixture of napalm similar to that used in incendiary bombs such as the BLU-1. The Churchill Crocodile uses a mixture called Fuel K, or FTF, Heavy No.1. There is currently no alternative fuel choices for the flamethowers in-game.

As an unconventional ammunition type, burning fuel has no armor penetration values and will not damage the internal modules of a vehicle if it is fully armored or CBRN-secured. If a vehicle is open-topped or very lightly armored with gaps, the flamethrower can output a devastating amount of damage.

Flamethrowers can output a type of damage that no other weapon system in the game can do, called Damage over Time. Ground areas, items, and enemy targets will continue to burn for a brief period after being hit. This can cause damage to the enemy even after the flamethrower has stopped firing.


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