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The T-54 is a Soviet 1st generation main battle tank put into service in 1947. It served throughout the Cold War and is one of the most produced MBTs at a total of roughly 70,000 units. Its most modern variants are still in active duty in many armies around the world.

The T-55 is an updated version of the T-54 that mainly features nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) protection capabilities.


Rank V

  • T-54 (1947) - AKA T-54-1; the first production run with 120 mm UFP instead of the standard 100 mm, different running gears and flat turret.
  • T-54 (1949) - AKA T-54-2; the second production run with standard 100 mm and a mostly oval turret.
  • T-54 (1951) - AKA T-54-3; the third production run and the most iconic T-54 series with a completely oval turret.
  • ▄T-54 - Export tanks to Finland between 1959-1962.
  • Tiran 4 - Slightly modified, captured T-54 by Israel during Six-Day War for logistical reasons
  • Tiran 4S - Captured T-54 upgraded with a 105 mm M68 gun by Israel
  • TO-55 - Flame-thrower version of the T-55

Rank VI

  • T-55A - New series based on T-54 tanks with two-plane stabilizers and NBC protection
  • T-55AM-1 - T-55A Modernized, FCS upgrades for ATGM, new engine and appliqué composite armour
  • T-55AMD-1 - Experimental T-55AM with Drozd hard APS systems
  • ▄T-55M - Bought T-55, modernized by Finland

Derived Vehicles

The Type 59 and Type 69 are Chinese derivatives of the T-54 family, with their own separate development lineages.

Rank V

Rank VI

  • ZTZ59D1 - WZ120C; overhaul upgrades on firepower and protection.