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The ZTZ59 (or Type 59) is a Chinese 1st generation main battle tank put into service in 1959. The earliest models were direct copies of the Soviet T-54A, with later variants being heavily upgraded into the 1990s.


Rank V

  • Type 59 - Based on licensed T-54A and manufactured since 1959 (WZ120)
  • ZTZ59A - aka Type 59-I, subsystem upgrades for Type 59 in early-1980s (WZ120A)

Rank VI

  • ZTZ59D1 - aka Type 59C , evaluation tanks for ZTZ59D (WZ120D) from 1993 (WZ120C)

Derived Vehicles

Rank VI

  • QN506 - An upgrade solution for a fire support vehicle by Guide Infrared (高德红外)

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