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During World War II, the Italians used two 20mm anti-aircraft guns during World War II. The first was the Breda Mod.35 while the second is the Scotti-IF 20/70 mod.41. Seeing lower production numbers compared to the Breda, based somewhat on the Oerlikon FF, but uses a simpler design and different firing mechanism. The Scotti suffered from a lower muzzle velocity and shorter range despite the longer barrel. Just as effective against tanks as the Breda, the Scotti was lighter and had a slightly faster rate of fire, and was cheaper to produce than the Breda with production increasing in 1942 despite the damage to Italian industry. Mounted on a either a wheeled carriage or stationary mount, the gun was used by not only Italy during World War II, but also in South America and several guns were captured by Germany after the armistice and used them along supplying them to other Axis nations. The Italians experimented with using the Scotti in the SPAA role with the M42 which used a quad-mount.


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