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The 5.0-inch General Purpose Spinner Rocket Mk.7 were relatively compact Beach Barrage Rockets developed to replace the less accurate and shorter range 4.5-inch BBR Mk.7.

Vehicles equipped with this weapon

General info

Rocket characteristics
Mass 22 kg
Maximum speed 466.34 m/s
Explosive mass 0.79 kg TNTeq
Warhead type HE

Effective damage

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Usage in battles

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Pros and cons

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Throughout World War II, the United States Navy worked to improve the armaments of their PT Boats. Torpedoes were the main armaments, but the need for a weapon aside from torpedoes for smaller targets led to the mounting of AN-M2 Browning machine gun. As the war progressed, ad-hoc modifications were used to mount additional cannons and even rockets. Rockets proved so successful that official variants would be developed for PT boats. These include rocket launchers such as the Mark 50 which fires a variety of rockets such as the Mark 7. The Mark 7 was adopted on PT Boats starting in 1945 and used in rocket cells on the Mark 50 launcher, the Mark 7 was a general-purpose warhead with a range of 11,000 yards and used 2.8 pounds of TNT 5-inch fin-stabilized rockets. The rockets used a Mark 3 rocket motor and Mark 100 PD delay fuse.


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