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The 30 mm XM140 is an American belt-fed externally-mounted helicopter autocannon.

Vehicles equipped with this weapon

General info

The XM140 and XM552 development started in 1963 as an option to satisfy the need for a high-penetrating gun for the Cobra attack helicopter. The XM140 is used on the UH-1C XM-30, a modified UH-1C, where two XM140 autocannons mounted in the fully flexible XM156/M156 universal mounts to create the XM-30 system.

Available ammunition

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Comparison with analogues

  • M230E-1 (30 mm): 30 mm American chain cannon found on the Apache, has access to a similar HEDP round but with better penetration and accuracy.
  • M195 (20 mm): 20 mm American rotary cannon seen on the AH-1G attack helicopter, completes the same tasks as the XM140, but with 20 mm rounds and a way higher rate of fire.

Usage in battles

The cannon offers the pilot a versatile high power gun that can deal with lightly armoured targets including planes and other helicopters where the HEDP round can cause critical damage. Pilots may also be able to exploit the weak roof armour of some medium tanks as well as disable engines by penetrating the engine decks of heavy tanks or MBTs.

Pros and cons


  • The gun offers high versatility
  • Accurate up to 1,000 m away


  • Mediocre penetration on medium tanks and MBTs
  • Slow rate of fire


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