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Game Modes
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The Full Poland Map

Poland is a ground forces map available in all modes. It was the first urban tank map added to the game, being added in Update 1.43, the patch after ground forces were released to Open Beta test (OBT) in Update 1.41. There is a large town in the centre of the map surrounded by large open fields. Immediately south of the town there is a large lake with a castle, on an island, near the western bank. The terrain to the south of the lake is at a higher elevation than the rest of the map.

The area to the north of the town consists of an open field. There is a small cluster of farming buildings in the northwest and a row of trees (as well as a small hill) runs along the northern edge of the field. Players in the west can sit around the farm buildings and use the slightly higher ground to shoot across the field and hit players hiding around the farm buildings in the northeast of the town, or those advancing across the field / along the north road of the town. Players in the east can use the tree line to advance along the north of the map and fire on enemy tanks in the northwest of the town or among the farm buildings in the northwest of the map.

The town itself consists of a mixture of reasonably narrow streets, and more open areas. The north of the town borders the open fields in the northern area of the map. A dirt track runs along the very top of the town, buildings at each end of the road provide cover, but the middle section is completely exposed to the field, making use of the road risky. The north of the town itself consists of buildings arranged into several rectangles, forming leaving a sort of courtyard area in the middle of each rectangle. Gaps between the buildings allow tanks to pass through the courtyard like areas, which offer a much greater level of protection than the road to the north, for this reason tankers should try to advance through the courtyards where possible, avoiding the northern road. The roads separating the groups of buildings do however pose a risk, as any tanks crossing them will be open to fire from deeper within the town. A capture point is sometimes located in the centre north of the town.

The north of the town is separated from the rest of the town by a wide, straight, road running through the town. Players will often shoot down this road to kill enemy tanks on the other side of the town; advancing along the road is risky as the middle section has no cover between it, and the open area in the middle of the town. There is a church in the centre of the town, with reasonably large open areas to the north and south of it. The areas to the east and west of the town again consist of buildings arranged in rough rectangles, usually with a courtyard like area in the middle of them.

The south of the town borders a large lake, separating it from the south of the map. Buildings in the south are less densely populated, providing players with reduced cover from enemy tanks shooting from across the lake. An area of the town protrudes into the lake. There are a few buildings in the area, which is used as a capture point in some modes. To the west of the town there is a rocky hill from which players can shoot at enemy tanks in the south of the town, and across the lake. This position is countered, by a rocky area on the southeast of the lake, from which enemy tanks can return fire, and shoot into the town.

The area to the south of the lake is quite open like the north, with few buildings, other than a couple of small farms. The area along the southern bank is at a significantly higher elevation than the town, allowing players to shoot down on those in the town (at the expense of being exposed themselves). Although the southern area is rather open, the uneven, hilly, terrain; mixed with some densely forested areas provide reasonably good cover to players advancing in the area.

The full ground forces map is 4km x 4km (however is restricted to 2.7km x 2.7km in RB, less in AB). The air battles area is 65km x 65km.

Game Description

German army is retreating into the depths of Europe, but still holding the field. Soviet forces are spoiling for a fight — victory is near at hand!

Historical Background

The map is set in a fictional polish town. In the devblog for the map an aerial picture of Vysoká Srbská (a Czech town, located on the border with Poland) was cited as a source of inspiration for the terrain of the map. This suggests the map is likely set on the Czech - Poland border.

Map configuration

There are three Capture Points. Point A is in the centre north of the town (partly in the centre courtyard, and partly in the open field), B is in the area of the town protruding into the lake and C is in the on the road which run across the, elevated, southern bank of the lake.

The Domination configuration.


There are three configurations of the conquest mode, each with one Capture Point. The point will be in one of the positions from Domination.
The Conquest #1 configuration.
The Conquest #2 configuration.
The Conquest #3 configuration.

There are two capture points, each owned by one of the teams. The points are in the east and west of the town. Team spawns are in the south of the map, so players are exposed to enemy fire, from across the lake, while trying to make it to the town.

The Battle configuration.

One capture point will be in the fields to the north of the town, and another will be on the southwest corner of the lake. When captured they will unlock a capture point in the west and east of the town, respectively. When captured these points unlock the final capture zones, located among the farm buildings to the north west of the town, and among the farm buildings on the southern bank of the lake, respectively. Break mode is unique in that the battle area is different for the two teams; the southern spawn team cannot access the very north and west of the map; and the northern spawn team cannot access the very south and east of the map.

The Break configuration from the southern spawn's perspective.
The Break configuration from the northern spawn's perspective.



Multiple, time limited, events take place on the Poland map, these include:-

War in Mid Air

In this event, teams are split between attackers and defenders. The task of the attacking ‘aircraft’ team is to destroy the armoured vehicles that are positioned inside the city and subsequently the anti-air units as well.
The task of the defending anti-aircraft vehicles is to stop the attack from happening and hold the city. Tickets for the attacking team will reduce up to the point when all the city ground vehicles have been destroyed. If the aviation team succeeds in its task, the ticket bleed stops and the task will switch to destroying the remaining anti-air vehicles.

'100' Team Deathmatch Event

The '100' event features in both Air and Ground Force battles and is currently exclusive to Arcade mode. In Ground Battles, the event is played on Poland.
Teams battle it out to be the first team to reach 100 destroyed enemies vehicles and win. The event has unlimited respawns.

Rapid fire!

Lightly armoured anti-air vehicles duels each other here without interference of their bigger brothers. For balancing reasons Era V & the Kugelblitz are not participating.



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