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== France ==
== France ==
* '''[[EC-665 Tiger HAP]]''' —
* '''[[EC-665 Tiger HAP]]''' — Introduced as a [[wt:en/news/6338-development-eurocopter-tiger-pouncing-on-the-prey-en|premium pack]] in the Gaijin store in [[Update 1.91 "Night Vision"]], it was removed from sale after the [[wt:en/news/6924-shop-war-thunder-birthday-sale-in-gaijin-net-store-en|8th Anniversary Sale]]. It lost its gift vehicle status when it was later reintroduced as a premium vehicle purchasable in-game with Golden Eagles {{ge}} in [[Update "Hot Tracks"]].
* '''[[IAR 316B]]''' —
* '''[[IAR 316B]]''' —
[[Category:Hidden vehicles]]
[[Category:Hidden vehicles]]

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Gift, also known as Pack or Bundle, helicopters are vehicles in the game that are unable to be purchased straight from the game's interface, requiring it to either be purchased from the Gaijin Store, given out during events or in promotions.

The vehicles considered gift and their obtainable methods are:




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