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Regarding "sensor system" or, by default, "radars" subsection.

I can understand, why optics section was nuked (though i'd appreciate more if the text accompanying it wasn't just deleted but moved back to weapons), but why deleting tracking sensor subsection? It could be just renamed to "radars" as per usual, if you wanted it to be consistent with other SPAA?

The reason i named it "sensor system" is because it isn't a radar and has different mechanics, even if it has the same UI, so i wanted to drive the point harder. Can i put it back on with a default subsection name, or is there any other reason for it being removed?

Also, if this is for some reason about table being filled with approximate data - i can't fill up data in the table any better than i already did - i am not a part of WSP and i do not have datamined spreadsheets with vehicle stats (which often have nothing to do with how vehicle really works in the game.)

--bangerland (talk) 12:22, 22 January 2021 (UTC)