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It`s not J-2 in tech tree anymore. It`s MiG-15bis NR-23. Either it`s mistake in tech tree or in wiki. I`m too lazy to look what did they call it, i mean you know it better then i do just change one of the things

It's still J-2 ingame for me--blastedryan (talk) 13:21, 19 October 2019 (UTC)

J-2 or MiG-15bis NR-23

Here is picture of chinese tech tree where it says MiG-15bis NR-23

MiG-15bis NR-23.jpg
Some localisations do list it as "MiG-15bis NR-23", however the English localisation (our reference since this is an English wiki), lists it as the "J-2". -DnaGonite (talk) 15:18, 20 October 2019 (UTC)
  • There are four language tech trees which list the fighter as J-2 (English, Russian, Polish and Romanian), the other 16 language tech trees list it as the Mig-15bis NR-23. As DnaGonite stated since this wiki is written in English it will be listed as J-2. The War Thunder Wiki in Russian also lists it as the same: . This aircraft is truly a MiG-15, however, once it was sold to China they renamed it the J-2, not sure why it is listed in so many of the language tech trees still as a MiG-15. This is definitely something which can be added to the description of the aircraft so that people will understand why there is a difference in the names but being the same jet. This confusion can happen a lot in-game with vehicles being sold to foreign countries and they get renamed. --AN_TRN_26 (talk) 16:53, 20 October 2019 (UTC)