Conte di Cavour-class battleship

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The Conte di Cavour-class were 3 battleships built for the Regia Marina of the Kingdom of Italy in the early 1910s and were in Italian service until 1949. One of them was later transferred to the Soviet Navy as war reparation and served until 1955.


Rank VI

Vehicles are listed in order of refit year, not build year

Italy battleships
  RN Dante Alighieri*
Conte di Cavour-class  RN Conte di Cavour · RN Leonardo da Vinci
Duilio-class  RN Duilio · RN Andrea Doria
  *  = Unique ship

USSR battleships
  Imperial Russia
Sevastopol-class  Marat* · Parizhskaya Kommuna** · Poltava
Imperatritsa Mariya-class  Imperatritsa Mariya
  * Laid down as Petropavlovsk; renamed and remodeled by the USSR
** Laid down as Sevastopol; renamed and remodeled by the USSR
Trophies  Italy
Conte di Cavour-class  Novorossiysk*
  * Laid down as RN Giulio Cesare for the Regia Marina