Sevastopol-class battleship

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The Sevastopol-class battleship (also known as Gangut-class) was a class of 4 battleships built for the Imperial Russian Navy and later entered service with the Soviet Navy.


Rank V

Rank VI

Vehicles are listed in order of refit year, not build year

USSR battleships
  Imperial Russia
Sevastopol-class  Marat* · Parizhskaya Kommuna** · Poltava
Imperatritsa Mariya-class  Imperatritsa Mariya
  * Laid down as Petropavlovsk; renamed and remodeled by the USSR
** Laid down as Sevastopol; renamed and remodeled by the USSR
Trophies  Italy
Conte di Cavour-class  Novorossiysk*
  * Laid down as RN Giulio Cesare for the Regia Marina