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The AW129 (nicknamed "Mangusta") is an attack/escort helicopter developed by the Agusta company, and continued to be manufactured by AgustaWestland and later Leonardo after their mergers.

This helicopter can also sometimes be known as:

  • A129 (Designation given by Agusta)
  • AW129 (Redesignated to the AgustaWestland AW129 since July 2007)
  • AH-129 or AH129


Rank VI

Rank VII

Attack  AB 205 A-1* · A.109EOA-2 · A-129 International (p) · A129CBT · T129**
Export  HKP3C
See Also  Bell Aircraft Corporation · TAI
  *Licensed · **Partnership with TAI

Italy helicopters
Utility  AB 205 A-1 · A.109EOA-2
Attack  A-129 International (p) · A129CBT · T129