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The 2A11 is the GRAU (Soviet Main Missile and Artillery Directorate) designation for the 37 mm 500P anti-aircraft cannon which was developed by OKB-16 (now KB Tochma) led by Alexander Nudelman. OKB-43 specifically designed the twin-mounted version designated the 2A12 "Angara" for the ZSU-37-2 Yenisei, which also equips unique 37 mm cartridges that are shared only with the little-known "Shkval" AA system. The 2A11 is a water-cooled design that features electromagnetic servos made by TsNII-173 of the State Committee of Council of Defence Industry (GROT in Russian) and the stabilizers were made by Kovrov. In the Yenisei, the 2A11 fired in 150 round bursts before requiring a 30-second cool down and the vehicle carried 540 rounds.


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