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Welcome to my user page. Here I put any personal notes or items that may be of use as War Thunder resources.

Playing War Thunder since May 2015, I joined the Wiki Team in October of the same year after my work in filling the vehicle history portions have been noticed. Since then, I've moved on to the role as a moderator in making sure new edits put on the War Thunder Wiki are appropriate content to be portrayed on the game's information database.

My expertise is in ground and air force, with a higher preference towards ground due to my experience in it, but recently have begun researching aviation topics.

Current priorities

As of March 2021

  • Vehicle content to be all filled out
  • Improve page mapping matrix of the Wiki
  • Align new format with old to reduce data redundancies


Some guides I've helped drafted to help Wiki editors:

Youtube videos

Some personal videos I have uploaded with some relations to the topics of vehicles in War Thunder