Type 69 (Family)

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The ZTZ69 (or Type 69) is a Chinese 2nd generation main battle tank put into service in 1974. An improved version of the Type 59, itself a T-54 derivative, the earliest models featured new night vision, fire control, and automotive equipment, as well as a new smoothbore gun. Upgraded models with improved firepower and protection have seen widespread export as well.


Rank V

  • Type 69 - The LRIP variant mounted with smoothbore cannon with only 100 produced; mostly recalled due to underperforming firepower (WZ121)
  • Type 69-IIa - Export-exclusive variant with rifled 100 mm cannon, subsystem upgrades and NBC protection system (BW121A)

Rank VI

  • T-69 II G - Bengal upgrades on their T-69 fleet with 105 mm cannon, new FCS and extra protection based on Pakistani T 69-IIMA's solution (WZ121K)

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