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A pair of RBU-6000 on the SKR-7


The RBU-6000 is a Soviet anti-submarine rocket launcher.

Vehicles equipped with this weapon

General info

The RBU-6000 launcher fires 90 mm unguided rockets that release depth charges upon impact with the water's surface. The launcher system can hold up to 24 rockets, allowing for a sustained barrage of depth charges. The system is highly automated, with a computerized control system that can track multiple targets and adjust the firing sequence to maximize effectiveness. The RBU-6000 is capable of firing a barrage of depth charges over a range of up to 6,000 m.

Effective damage

With 25 kg of TNT equivalent, the RBU-6000 mortar packs a heavy punch.

Comparison with analogues

The RBU 6000s are comparable to the RBU-2500 found on the SKR-1. However, the two systems differ in a larger warhead, a lower rate of fire and fewer projectiles for the RBU 6000.

Usage in battles

The mortars are imprecise at best. The maximum range is 6 km, but you will struggle to hit anything over 3 km. But at close range, even a short burst is sure to knock out any ship.

Pros and cons


  • High explosive mass
  • Sustained barrage: The RBU-6000 can hold up to 24 rockets


  • Imprecise weapon
  • The RBU-6000 launcher system is vulnerable to enemy fire and can be easily disabled if hit by enemy weapons


The RBU-6000 is an anti-submarine warfare missile launcher from the same lineage as the RBU-1200 and RBU-2500. Called the Smerch-2 ("Tornado" or "Whirlwind") it entered service in 1960. The RBU-6000 has 12 launch barrels in a horseshoe configuration and was the most widespread anti-submarine rocket launcher used by the Soviet Union and is still in service with the Russian Navy. It was used on ships ranging from their Kiev-class aircraft carriers to the Parchim II-class corvettes and the Mirka-class class frigate. The RBU-6000 fires individually or in salvos of 2, 4, 8, or 12 rockets at once. It is connected to the same Burya ("Storm") fire control system used on the earlier and smaller RBU-1000. The potent RBU-6000 fires unguided anti-submarine rockets but is also capable of shore bombardment. In 1991, Russia introduced an upgrade called RPK-8 which was a guided rocket-firing conversion of the original design. The 90R rockets can track targets at depths of up to 3,300 feet and are equipped with a 43-pound shaped charge warhead.


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