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Possible Layouts
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Other Information
32 km x 32 kmMap size
Green Hills, USA (Fictional) CountryIcon USA.pngLocation
Full Map
MapLayout Air GreenHills.jpg


Green Hills is the map added for the 2019 April Fool's Day event Earth Thunder. It was added in Update 1.87 "Locked On".

The map is set in the fictional coastal city of Green Hills.

Historical Background

In 1992 the government declared the American city of Green Hills a closed territory because of an alleged accident at a local chemical plant. Since then, the entire Green Hills territory has been completely isolated from the outside world and only recently has the public learned the terrible truth.

Aliens exist, they have long since infiltrated the governments of different countries and are able to easily manipulate the minds of citizens. Green Hills, with its unique geographical landscape, has attracted the attention of extraterrestrials as an arena for alien fighting machines, and the human pilots of these mysterious objects are zombified by alien invaders. Pilots picked from part of the population of Green Hills are still being kept somewhere in the city in a hypnotic state of re-animation.

Map configuration

UFO Battles

In UFO battles one team spawns northwest of the city and the other team spawns southeast. Capture pionts are located in the air, on the ground and underwater.

Domination Mode - Map Layouts

MapLayout UFO GreenHills.jpg

32 km x 32 km

Capture point A is in the air over the mountains. Capture point B is at ground level within the dome. Capture point C is underwater in the cave network.


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