Earth Thunder: We are not their playthings!

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The event

We called it “conspiracy theories” but it turned out to be true. The US city of Green Hills has become the scene of an intergalactic cyber-sports game in which aliens use humans as pilots of alien war machines. We need to know the truth!

Msg-important.png From 11:00 GMT on the 1st of April until 11:00 GMT on the 5th of April join the Earth Thunder alien battles in the arena. You can find the entrance to the arena in the “Event” tab in the game client!

Journalist's excerpt

In 1992 the government declared the American city of Green Hills a closed territory because of an alleged accident at a local chemical plant. Since then, the entire Green Hills territory has been completely isolated from the outside world and only recently has the public learned the terrible truth. Aliens exist, they have long since infiltrated the governments of different countries and are able to easily manipulate the minds of citizens. Green Hills, with its unique geographical landscape, has attracted the attention of extraterrestrials as an arena for alien fighting machines, and the human pilots of these mysterious objects are zombified by alien invaders. Pilots picked from part of the population of Green Hills are still being kept somewhere in the city in a hypnotic state of re-animation.

Today we are ready to push back the veil of secrecy for you, you will see the truth with your own eyes. Stay tuned to be the first to learn more about the Green Hills investigation.

Jeanine Salla
special correspondent
West Hills Herald

Species involved

War Thunder earthunder 2 Conquest C.jpg Sorry humans, it is all interstellar travelling aliens!

Two types of aliens are fighting it out, on planet earth! The Blue and Red's.

Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) vehicle intelligence report

Recent findings of the UFO in use have been compiled into a file.

The contact zone

The contact zone is the American city of Green Hills, closed since 1992 by the government.

The arena

The event menu for the option to enter Green Hills.
The text translates to:
"Domination Earth Thunder"

Entering the Green Hills alien combat arena

Pilots! To enter the quarantined Green Hills grid, you must access it through a new button that appears on your HUD at the hangar! Clicking this button will open up the "Events & Tournaments" window, and the queuing for the next transport towards Green Hills will be under "Historical Events." Recent interference from the electromagnetic waves emitted from Green Hills may affect the HUD labeling, so do not fear if your screen text becomes filled with Runes!

The game screen when loaded into a game


UFO present in the arena are piloted by personnel of unidentified origin. From what little information has been acquired on these UFO vehicles, they are equipped with a variety of weaponry in all forms of terrain and have settings for three separate battle modes - Cruising, Hover, and Aquatics. In each mode, different weapon modes are activated to best make use of the medium against the opponents.

From observing battle patterns in the arena, there appears to be three positions of interests that are fought over; which consist of a mountaintop, an urban center, and the ocean. Akin to normal warfare, these points appeared to be "captured" by these UFO in order to compete with the opposing forces.



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